Espresso (Automatic & Superautomatic)

Barista at the Office

While baristas need proper training to operate manual espresso machines and prepare your favourite caffe latte or cappuccino, Cafection | Evoca has top quality coffee machines that can do it all. This is called a bean to cup coffee machine. Not only do our machines freshly grind and brew coffee, they can steam and froth milk, and mix soluble ingredients at the simple touch of a button within less than a minute. No more line up during coffee breaks and no need to spend a fortune in coffee shops anymore. Indeed, with 9 automatic and superautomatic coffee machines, including 4 with fresh milk options, getting a Cafection | Evoca brewer is like hiring your own personal barista at the office.

Patented Z4000 Brew System

The espresso brew system Z4000 is the core technology of Necta and Wittenborg automatic and semiautomatic range. The Z4000 system has been designed to deliver the best quality of drinks, according to the taste of different consumers in different countries. This system is available in large and small version and has been declined in a specific version for foodservice (HoReCa) locations. The grinding, dosing and brewing phases are automatically controlled in order to deliver an excellent coffee, every time.