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Idea Restyle Duo

Idea Restyle Duo


The Idea Restyle Duo has an elegant and modern dress, tailored with the best finishing and premium materials, just as it deserves. Its narrow-sided, customizable design transforms the Idea Restyle Duo into a pretty and versatile professional machine, appropriate in all environments, be they classic, modern or vintage.

Saeco employed all of its technology and experience to make the Idea even more modern and easy to use, thanks to the intuitive, fully equipped and beautifully finished interface.

The high performance offered by the Idea Restyle Duo, the removable and washable brew system, the high capacity of the coffee containers, 4.4 lb each, and of the grounds drawer and the possibility to brew coffee and dispense milk, hot water and steam all at the same time, make the Idea a top player in the market.

  • Easy one-touch beverage selection and machine programming
  • Simultaneous production of coffee/milk, hot water and steam
  • Possibility to dispense first milk then coffee or first coffee then milk or simultaneously (High Speed Cappuccino)
  • Possibility to program the coffee container to be used for each beverage
  • Automatic cappucinatore
  • Interchangeable color sides (optional)
  • 3.5’’ HD color display
  • Electricity: 208, 220, 230, 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Water services: independent or optional (with water supply kit)
  • Weight: 129.9 lb

Idea Restyle. An easy choice, just one touch.