Quick Restart, Sanitation & Shutdown

Whether your coffee machine needs to be restarted after a period of inactivity or needs to be sanitized following a water cutting or water boil advisory, we have developed simple procedures to help you have your unit up and running in a trice. We also offer you simple step by step instructions if your units need to be shut down for an extended period.


Turning electrical breakers ON can generate a power surge and damage electronic equipment.

Make sure your coffee machine power switch is OFF, and unplug its cord from the electrical outlet. This procedure applies to all your electronics. Wait a few minutes and progressively turn your electronics ON one after the other.

Failure to do so can cause serious damages to any electronic device including your coffee machines.

When switching the breakers OFF, correct procedure should be to turn OFF the unit and unplug it from the outlet beforehand.

Quick Restart

Many people will go back to the office and realize their coffee machine probably needs some attention after sitting unattended for several weeks. 

Since this is an impossible task to visit all these machines when people asks for their coffee, we created some tools to demonstrate how to restart a Cafection | Evoca machine with the mindset of keeping things as simple as possible.

Quick Restart Video Tutorials


Quick Restart PDF Instructions

Complete Quick Restart written instructions including links to the video tutorial at each step of the way.


Sanitation Procedure

Step-by-step instructions to get your machine in working order after it was affected by a water cutting or a water boil advisory. 


Quick Shutdown

If you units need to be left on-site for an extended period of time, please follow these steps to avoid damage to your equipment.

Equipment Quick Shutdown Procedure

  1. Perform a rinse cycle.
  2. Cut the filter paper (if applicable).
  3. Empty the waste bin.
  4. Empty all bean hoppers.
  5. Empty all soluble and/or ground coffee canisters.
  6. Close the door.
  7. IF YOU KEEP THE BREAKERS ON: Put the machine on permanent Energy Saving schedule (enable it so it stays ON for 24/7), and leave the power switch ON.
    IF YOU SWITCH OFF THE BREAKERS ON: Turn the unit OFF and unplug it from the electrical oulet.

When restarting the machine, follow our Quick Restart Instructions.

Useful Resources

Cafection | Evoca makes available numerous web platforms. The following links will lead you to some of our most often requested information.

Youtube Maintenance Videos
Online Quote Request Platform

Need Help?

We are always here to help. If you need assistance on how to restart a Cafection | Evoca machine or in need of more technical work, reach our technical support team.