Asking for a Quote Is Easier Than Ever!

We are glad to announce the launch of Cafection | Evoca Quote Request website. This new online platform will simplify your ordering process of Cafection | Evoca machines and accessories.

Add items to your cart, select specific settings, order extra accessories, and much more!

Quote Request Website

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It is now possible to go over the equipement and its options with your customer and place your request with exactly what they see and like!

Access our Quote Request website to create your account at
 Don’t forget to have a look at your Quick Hands-On Guide to get the best out of our new platform.
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  • Assist your client when choosing the settings of his/her brewer with real photos, not a brochure. 
  • Smooth, easy quotation process.
  • Eliminate confusion or ambiguities.
  • Save time and money.
  • And much more!