Connect Your Wittenborg Brewers to Sophia

Great news! Sophia, our unique web-based application, is now available on the Wittenborg 9100 brewers.

Sophia will help you reduce service calls and offer excellence, cup after cup. From the comfort of your office chair, manage and control every single machine in your fleet.

Wittenborg on Sophia

Upgrade Kit

Connect your Wittenborg brewer to Sophia by ordering our easy-to-install cellular modem upgrade kit.

Product Code: 18ACC20

What Is Sophia?


Sophia is a web-based platform meant to facilitate and optimize the management of your connected coffee machines. It has been designed to be user-friendly while offering dozens of exciting features.

Sophia makes it easy to manage and push video content, edit machine parameters remotely and monitor the brewer through email notifications and data analysis. We teamed up with the best telecommunication companies to offer you the most reliable cellular connectivity.

Features Available on the Wittenborg Brewers

  • View all machines from the same account
  • Enable brewer notification emails
  • View and export drinks counter
  • Set warnings and maintenances schedules
  • Program automatic rinsing
  • Modify parameters and settings of the brewer
  • Create and edit video playlists*
  • Push brew time video for each recipe*
  • Push screen saver videos*
  • View and export statistics and analytics*

*Optimum license required.

The Wittenborg: A Barista in a Box

Wittenborg Logo

The 9100 3 Coffee & the 9100

The Wittenborg 9100 and 9100 3 Coffee offer a wide specter of high-quality selections and choices based on various drink technologies. They are user-friendly machines that allow to reduce maintenance time, optimize operational costs and improve customer satisfaction.


  • True Italian espresso AND real American coffee (absolutely no crema!)
  • 10’’ HD touch screen
  • 1 or 2 whole bean (espresso)
  • 1 ground coffee (9100 3 Coffee)
  • 4 soluble ingredients
  • Up to 15 grams of coffee per cup

Training Available

Would you like to enhance your knowledge of Sophia and be in total control of your assets?

Whether you are looking for specific information, quick “tune-up” or would like a complete tour of the platform, our team of experts will be more than happy to assist you.

Master every secrets of Sophia by booking one of our personalized and completely free training.


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